Using Cloud Optimized Geotiff files (COG)

A “Cloud Optimized Geotiff file” is an ordinary GeoTIFF file, served by an HTTP server, and organized in order to allow better network flow on the web.

Our Web servers are configured specifically to serve this kind of files. These files should be stored into the cog directory of your storage space and ended with *.cog.tif.

Send your GeoTIFF files in this directory, and there will be accessible at the adresse of your Lizmap instance, plus this kind of path cog/your-geotiff-file.cog.tif.

Example: your instance is accessible at the address, and you uploaded the file map.cog.tif into the directory cog of your storage space. Your GeoTIFF file will then be accessible from

You can then use this GeoTIFF file as a raster datasource in a QGIS layer. In the datasource manager of QGIS, you add a raster datasource by indicating the source type “Protocol: HTTP(S), cloud..”, the protocol type “HTTP/HTTPS/FTP”, and the web address of your GeoTiff file.

There is no support of authenticated method to access to your GeoTIFF files.